Raspberry Pico BME280 Sensor

A compact little environmental sensor for monitoring temperature, humidity and pressure. Ideally suited to internal environments but could be used outside if contained within a suitable enclosure.

Utilises the Bosch BME280 sensor using the I2C interface. 3.3v or 5.5v. Includes BME280 sensor board, 1×5 male header and 1×5 right angle header.

BME280 Temperature, Humidity & Pressure Sensor


Pico and BME280 Sensor Pinout

SDA = Pin 1 (GP0)
SCL = Pin 2 (GP1)
VCC = Pin 36 (3V3 OUT)
GND = Pin 38 (GND)

I seem to have a conflict issue with the DS3231 RTC I am using. If i use the RTC first then the BME280 doesn’t work. If I use the BME280 first then the RTC doesn’t work. I have therefore swapped the SDA and SCL pins as follows:

SDA = Pin 6 (GP4)
SCL = Pin 7 (GP5)