3D Printing Artillery Sidewinder X1 3D Printer

PLA Temperature Test – Third Attempt = Failure

In this third test using the ‘Temperature Tower’ I have adjusted the print settings in Cura which should reduce the stringing.

I looked specifically at the retraction settings so that the print head could retract filament prior to moving between each of the upright towers.

I followed the same pre-printing process as before:

  1. I imported the STL file into Cura, updated the settings and exported the GCode file
  2. I opened the GCode file in Repetier to identify layer heights
  3. I manually modified the GCode file to specific temperatures within the file itself so the 3D printer would adjust the temperatures automatically
  4. I saved the modified GCode file to the memory stick and transferred to the Artillery Sidewinder X1 3D printer for printing

I had high hopes for this particular test expecting it to be a much more successful result, when in fact, it was worse than the previous version.

What did I learn from this test?

I’m not sure. There must be a way of getting this particular model to print and I am sure I can, I just need to find the ideal settings.

Project files available from here:

Thank you for watching.

Rob @ 3DModUK