3D Printing Artillery Sidewinder X1 3D Printer

White Test Cube + Loading and Unloading Filament

I’ve just bought some white filament for the Artillery Sidewinder X1 printer and my intention is to print another test cube so I can see how it comes out. This is by way of a printing consistency test but also to see how the same model from the same .gcode file on the same printer will come out using different filament.

In this video I show how to load and unload the 3D printer with filament.

I print the test cube (cube.gcode) which is supplied on the memory stick by Artillery with the Sidewinder X1.

White PLA 3D printer filament
1.75mm 1KG spool (2.2lbs)
Tolerance =/- 0.02mm
Print temperature 195 deg C to 215 deg C
Print speed 30 to 60 mm/s

Thank you for watching.

Rob @ 3DModUK