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3D Printing Overhang Angle Test with Artillery Sidewinder X1 3D Printer

In this test I wanted to check how much of an angle of overhang I could print successfully on my Artillery Sidewinder X1 3D printer.

I have produced my own model specifically to test the overhang and created it in Blender. The first part of the video shows how I construct the 3D model and how each upright overhangs by an additional ten degrees.

The first upright is 0 deg, the second 10 degrees, the third 20 degrees etc, until we get right to the end in which case the level of overhang is 120 deg, so essentially facing downwards.

I then check the model in Ultimaker Cura before making a few tweaks and then I am ready to ‘slice’ the model. I copy the .gcode file to the memory stick and transfer to the Artillery Sidewinder X1 printer.

I am using ICE Filaments ‘Precious Pink’ filament for this test which is a very vibrant pink colour and the test cube came out well.

Overall, I am very impressed with the result and the level of overhang that the Sidewinder X1 3D printer can print certainly exceeded my expectations. And, whilst not perfect, especially in relation to the ‘stringy’ and slightly untidy result, I think with tweaked temperature and print speed settings the results can be even better. All in all though, it is the overhang I was testing here and that was very successful.

Overhang Model

71.7 x 14.0 x 18.2 mm Size
1 hour 1 minute print time
2 g in weight
0.66 m in filament length used
Super quality 0.12mm
20% infill
200 deg C printing temperature
50 deg C bed temperature
50 mm/s print speed
Enable cooling
Skirt adhesion

I have made the project files available via this URL: 

Which includes the following files:


I make no guarantee that these files will work on your printer. Please check all files and all settings appropriate to your printer and configuration.