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PLA Temperature Test – First Attempt = Failure

In my previous ‘Overhang Test’ on the Artillery Sidewinder X1 I noticed the print was ‘stringy’. I tried adding retraction and this didn’t work so I wondered if this was something to do with print temperature and the best way of checking this is to come up with another test.

In this video I create a ‘Temperature Tower’ in blender so I can test different print temperatures at different levels of the tower.

And, in order to test as many things in one go I come up with an elaborate – perhaps too elaborate – triple tower with aspects such as cut-outs and overhangs.

This however was to be my downfall, or should I say the models downfall!

  1. Create the model in blender
  2. Export the model as an STL file
  3. Load the STL file into Cura and export the GCode file
  4. Load the GCode file into Repetier and identify the layers for the appropriate temperature changes
  5. Modify the GCode file and set specific temperatures at the specific levels of the tower print
  6. Copy the GCode file to the printer
  7. Print using ICE Filaments ‘Romantic Red’ filament

What did I learn from this project?

  1. The model was too complicated and I should have just kept it simple.
  2. Supports aren’t only required to ensure that anything overhanging can print, they can be also present to stabilise the model whilst printing while the plastic is still hot and malleable until cooled.

These tests not only help me learn about the Artillery Sidewinder X1 3D printer, but also the software, print settings and the approach to getting the best out of the 3D prints.

Taking this into account, I am sure my next test will be more successful.

If you would like to see original blender model, STL or GCode files you can access them here:

Thank you for watching.

Rob @ 3DModUK